Virus inside Management

Role of Positive & Negative Attitude in Management

We have heard about computer virus, and recently the virus named COVID19 changed the life style of people, from social engagements  to business activities. We faced loss in every sector of business due to the deadly virus of covid19. But the question is the covid19 virus is not the only virus which affects our business and management; there are many other factors too.

I would like to talk about the virus inside management which is the virus of bad and as well as of good attitude of employee with organization. The attitude of an employee plays a vital role in business growth, and in its downfall. Taking care of attitude from lower level to higher manager is worth the effort. Some attitudes are within the person, or we can say an employee, some are built within the organization, with the management, how they treat them and how they classify the daily operations in business; like roles and responsibilities of employees, company benefits, appreciations, rule and regulations and much more. Proper trainings to the employees and appreciations within, generate a positive attitude and that is shared in positive manner within others too. Likewise an employee with bad and negative attitude will share negative thoughts with other employees and the good one with positive attitude will share positive. Happy employees always boost and enjoy the working within organization and always try to curve the graph of business towards growth and give maximum output in every form, but a single bad and negative thought from disappointed one leads to downfall of the graph.

Human resource management and trainings playsa great role in employee life cycle to motivate and retain towards long future. Professional development and discipline are among the key roles to retain positive attitude within employee, else that became the virus inside management and destroy others too. To detect virus inside a management the HR team should scan during the first step that is hiring – HR should scan all previous records of employee about the attitude in previous organization and incase of fresher's the attitude scan for virus gets easily detected during training sessions, group discussions etc.

Likewise in our J&K most people are totally depended on private sector and private organizations, but our private sector hasv limited their growth and never try to boost their skills and future growth, rather they even not lead them towards the promised rules and regulations governed by government of India to benefit the private employee. Even this is the reason they are not given a level up respect and honor in society too as they are designated as private employees not government ones: though they have the same qualifications, skills and designations. Rather we witness that many Government sectors already outsource their lot of work to private sectors and they are working shoulder to shoulder to ensure more economic growth. The management of any organization needs to come up to them so as youth will not just be limited to Govt jobs only, they should be treated well enough to find future in business and within organizations itself. To eradicate and quarantine the virus inside management, the high level, like board of directors, should first clear the vision themselves and question within boardabout the reason of bad attitude. Are we providing the promised benefits? Do we provide all necessities to employee as per the order from our government? Are we demotivating the employee? Are we limited to favoritism and far away from our own responsibilities? There are lot more such questions management should ask within themselves, before scanning a virus.

Even every virus is having a vaccine like in COVID19 we got it.  So the management should be good with the employees to generate positive attitude within them so that they will grow and let the business reach heights. We should not only blame the situations for downfall in businesses there are many other major factors too. Hope that will be found and repaired.

Khalid Mustafa is an IT & Management Expert, Presently Manager IT-Ops @HK Group

Greater Kashmir