Symposium of Sufi poets celebrated in Handwara

With the assistance of Sahitya Academy New Delhi, a symposium of Sufi poets was celebrated with great fervour at Environmental Hall Handwara. Dr. Aziz Hajni, convener of Kashmiri advisory board of Sahitya Academy was also present in the programme.

On this occasion, Dr. Aziz Hajni, in his welcome speech,said that young and talented poets get encouragement by organising theseprogrammes and from the Sufi poetry they get inclined to Modern poetry. Thisprogramme was organized with the full support of Idarie-Tehqeeq-u-Adab, aliterary organization in J&K.

The poets who recited their poems in this programme wereFeroz Maqbool, Farooq Shaheen, Javid Iqbal Mawri, Ahmed Shah, Lasi Khuj,Habibulah Kumar and Fameeda Sopori.

Ex-Secretary of cultural Academy JK, Dr. Aziz Hajni werehonoured and awarded with a shawl and trophy. Hill Park International SchoolHandwara supported in organising this programme. The students of this schoolpresented colourful and interesting programmes.

In this programme, President of Idarie Tehqeeq-u-Adab JKthrew light on the contributions of Dr. Aziz Hajni to the Kashmiri literature.Farooq Shaheen in his speech said that Dr. Aziz Hajni proved himself the bestin promoting Kashmiri and other regional languages in Kashmir and outside thevalley.

Literary festival Samanbal organised in Budgam

A three day literary festival Samanbal was organised at Badran, Budgam in which a large number  of writers, poets and scholars from the state participated. 

The main attractions in the festival includedMehfil-e-Afsana, presentation of short stories, poetry recitation session,Sufiyana Mausiqi, discussion on contemporary theatre, status of literature,interaction with poets and writers and other related sessions,

The festival was inaugurated by noted writers MohammadYousuf Teng, Prof Naseem Shifaie and Prof Gulshan Majeed. Shifaie in her uniquestyle called for  developing a sense ofresponsibility for the development of art and literature and offered herservices for the endeavour. 

The yearly Award of Gulshan Cultural Forum Kashmir was givenduring the festival, which was bagged by known broadcaster and scholar DrSatish Vimal.

A concluding function was held on April 29, in which Dr.Rafiq Masoodi, former Director General Doordarshan was the special guest.

The festival was organised by Gulshan Cultural Forum (GCF)Kashmir as part of its annual calendar of events.

Gulshan Badrani, General secretary of GCF said that Samanbalacts as an active platform for the art and literary sector of Kashmir. "It isespecially targeted at the new generation who find sources of inspiration init," said Gulshan. "This year we received poets, scholars and other writersfrom all over the Kashmir. Number of papers were presented and a livelydiscussion on the present status of our art, culture and literature was alsoheld."

Urdu conference held at KU, book released

A 2-day international conference on "Urdu Zabaan Aur Science: Ishtiraak-o-Iftiraaq" was held  at Kashmir University. The conference was organized by Directorate of Distance Education (DDE), Kashmir University in collaboration with National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, New Delhi.

Prof Mohammad Aslam Parvez in his address highlighted theimportance of Urdu vis-à-vis Science. Upbringing of children and role of familymembers in Home affairs, with relation to Quran were the main topics of hisspeech.

The book titled "Iqbal: Maaroozi Tajziye Aur ScienceeMabaahis" by Dr irfan Aalam was also released on the occasion.

Prof Mohammad Zaman Azurdah, Prof Mushtaq Ahmed Dar, ProfMohammad Aijaz Sheikh, Prof Arifa Bushra, Dr Aijaz Ashraf, Dr Tariq Chisti,scholars and students were also present on the occasion.

Four parallel technical sessions were conducted wherescholars hailing from different local, national and international institutionspresented their papers which were followed by discussion.

KU Vice Chancellor, Prof Talat Ahmed also attended onetechnical session and wished his greetings to the paper presenters andorganizers.

Papier Mache artist wins National Award

A Kashmiri paper machie artist from Srinagar has won the ministry of Textile's National award for his unique and innovative designs in the craft.

Zahid Hussain Beig, a paper machie artist who quit hisschool due to poor financial condition of the family won the Ministry ofTextiles's National award overcoming a stiff competition.

Talking to media, Beig said that he fully immersed himselfin the art after he was forced to quit schooling. "After leaving school Idedicated myself to this art form." he said.

While talking about the uniqueness of Kashmiri art Beig saidthat the art of Kashmir, be it paper machie, shawl making, or wood carving isunique and loved all over the world, "If the state government or the centralgovernment provides it adequate support & encouragement, it can become agood career opportunity for youngsters," he said.

Calligraphers, painters display work at POASH

Beautiful work by calligraphers, painters and other artists constituted the highlight of the three-day POASH Spring Event 2019, which was inaugurated on Friday at Lalit, Grand Palace Srinagar.

Hundreds of women from various walks of life visited theevent organised by POASH, a women-centric initiative dedicated to introducingplatforms for women, to create business opportunities, network, inspire, andhelp each other.

The three-day event features a variety of programs includingexhibitions, art and craft demonstrations and workshops to highlight thechallenges and coordinate support systems for enabling women entrepreneurshipin Kashmir. More than 40 women entrepreneurs have put up stalls at the event wherethey are exhibiting a variety of merchandise and their art and crafts. Manyyoung female artists including painters, photographers, authors, potters andcalligraphers are participating in the event.

The artists whose work was put on display included calligraphywork by Nadia Mir, paintings by Bisma Parveez, sketches and other work by Sana,Shafiya and Ishrat.

"It was great experience to be part of this event. Ireceived immense feedback and appreciation by virtue of my work that asdiplsayed here," said noted calligrapher Nadiya Mir. "Events like there act asa boost to artists, who often find scarcity of platforms to display theirtalent."

Being a women only event also gave artists an opportunity tobond with other women interested in the field.  

The event also hosted musicals items, talks by experts anddiscussions on varied topics.

Imran Khan to act in the Play

Actor Imran Khan who is known for his many TV serials and a movie on Kashmir has been roped in with actress Vaishnavi to act in famous play Murder of god.

It's a play written by Akhtar Ali and directed by MujeebKhan. Vaishnavi performs this play along with her 'Divya Drishti' co-star ImranKhan. Imran Khan portrays the character of a man who claims to have killed Godand is held convicted in front of the judge played by Vaishnavi. The story is asatirical comedy taking dig at fake godmen and people provoking society in thename of God.

"The story and concept of the play are wonderful andthe kind of atmosphere is created to give the audience the best of experiencewe recommend them to not think of this as a stage play but an actual courthearing where the convicted defends himself and the state argues. The aim ofthis act is to enlighten the audience and make them aware of such unpleasanthappenings around them." said Imran Khan about the play.

Imran is also expected to travel to Kashmir this summer tostage several plays. Among many classics this play is also expected to bestaged in Srinagar. According to Imran he will be collaborating with Kashmiriactors and details are yet to be finalised.

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