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The imagination of the Hindu Rashtra to the exclusion of all others, namely the non- Hindus, cannot find support from most Hindu.
What’s Cooking ?
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Time to redeem the promises made, not today, yesterday or the day before. Over the last so many years and never as repetitively as during the past four years. And by none so vehemently as by the great Indian redeemer, Prime Minister Narendra  Damodardas Modi. Yes, paradise was at hand. That was the first we were told of  it – forget the old Persian couplet attributed to some Moghul of no consequence –  in 2014 when the valley, in deep distress then, was perhaps closer to paradise, never mind the devastating floods of the year.   Four summers and  as many  winters later Kashmir  continues to hope, if not for the promised land, then at the very least  allowed to live in a place inhabited and ruled by civilized men and women. Its date with paradise be blown; it's nowhere in  sight. Instead we have unending violence, constant, never-ending clashes in fact, between the Security Forces and the militants. If some innocents get killed in the crossfire it is unavoidable given that the official word appears to be an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth. Indore and Bhopal might have meantime graduated to the league of cleanest cities but the summer capital of the State somehow seems to love its worn,  woebegone look. But all that, be assured, may turn out to be just a memory. For we now have the word of the Oracle himself that the Rashtriya Swayamsewk Sangh, the parent organization of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party may have reached its Glasnost period. Remember Glasnost and  Perestroika  of the  Gorbachev era  sadly and only to see, the former Communist holy land turning into a far severer dictatorship under Vladimir Putin. I get a feeling though that our Oracle, an RSS insider, is not merely sweetening the bitter pill  being administered to the patient – the Indian minorities as a whole and the State of Jammu and Kashmir in particular, but is also trying out to send a signal that the three-day Bhagwat  exercise in New Delhi some two weeks ago, was perhaps no more than setting afloat a trial balloon, to test  the political waters and to see if the anti-saffronites would try to make out the difference between Hindutva, the political  creed of the Sangh Parivar, and the other point made by Bhagwat that Hindu Rashtra  covers  Hindus, Muslims and other minorities. Indeed every citizen, regardless of his faith, was part of the Hindu Rashtra.  Mr. Ram Madhav, the oracle of my story and  a RSS major demo , on loan as General Secretary to the BJP –  the man in charge of party affairs in Jammu and Kashmir meanwhile continues to mastermind the civic polls  in the State, striving hard to gather a Valley motley to be projected as councillors and panches in the name of restoring "democracy" while keeping the duly elected State Assembly in suspended animation, denied the opportunity to choose a new combination in the name of restoring democratic functioning of the State Government.  Mr. Madhav virtually heading the BJP local body elections in J & K isn't overly worried by the boycott  of the polls by major valley  outfits. Significantly he, has simultaneously taken time off  to interpret Mohan Bhagwat's RSS policy statements during the  Sangh jamboree in Delhi. The most significant statement by Bhagwat, says Madhav, was about Hindu Rashtra and the Muslims. Bhagwat, says he, used a double negative to drive home the important point that Hindu Rashtra covered all who lived in Bharat. Madhav recalls a statement by another RSS stalwart who was  asked if  Muslims and Christians and other minorities were  not allowed to join the RSS. Do girls schools admit boys, was the prompt reply.  The imagination of the Hindu Rashtra to the exclusion of all others, namely the non- Hindus, cannot find support from most Hindu. The problem arises when Hindutva, clearly constituting the RSS political ideology, is passed off as Hinudism. Or, could it be – am not sure at all – that the RSS and Hindu Rashtrawadis realize that their thinking has to be in consonance with the Constitutional framework. Ram Madhav in his latest published thoughts in a Delhi daily believes that perhaps Bhagwat finds some of the thoughts contained in M.S. Golwalkar's "A Bunch of Thoughts,  are perhaps not as a relevant now as these may have been  several decades ago". Golwalkar we are advised should be read in the context of his times. Point well made, but how do I explain when all the saffron big wigs including Central and State Ministers  harass Muslim professionals, let alone students and assorted Minority youth? How does ghar wapsi continue to remain the number one priority of Chief Ministers of Rajasthan, Uttr Pradesh and even Maharasthtra and Madhya Pradesh. Anyway these are larger issues that should concern every citizen, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian – the issue of being  considered unfailingly abused as class two citizens of the country. Only the other day I read an astounding headline in a Delhi paper citing BJP Chief Amit Shah brandishing the charge that 100 crore people had been detected as non citizens when the National Register of Citizens was being updated. Am sure the 100 crore figure was typing error because if it be 100 crore illegals that would suggest that only 30 odd crores of the 1.3 billion  are authentic citizens of India. One could easily have written off the figure as so much nonsense but then given Mr Shah's style as an  orator exaggeration comes very naturally to him. After all  wasn't  Amit Shah the man who, during the BJP  poll campaign in Jammu in 2014, unrelentingly demanded  that Farooq Abdullah, Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad, Sadiq, even Mufti  Sayeed name their forefathers. The insinuation was that their families were converts to Islam. And Jammu takes me back to the sham local bodies elections due in the State. Am told the BJP is putting all its might (State power) behind a number of its "candidates" in  the valley . 

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