Wrong twist in the power tale

NTPC had not yet offered the projects on platter that cynics started whipping their backs and thumping their chests on the prospects of their viability and profitability.
Wrong twist in the power tale
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There is always a cynic standing to counter any new ideas or a move in Kashmir. Any idea, before it sprouts is brushed off with cynicism that has dominated our psyche. No less than intellectuals of the land are often seen flaying the non issues and crushing the ideas before they are set to conceptualize. This cynicism draws its genesis to the actual roots of Kashmir, its history and the habit of being herded like cattle all along the centuries of its existence. Whenever the 'Kashmiri' has popped his neck out, he is stuck down with the iron hand. With the cursory ruffle of the pages of history, numerous instances surface to prove that his emotions, his feelings and his thoughts have always been caged down.  This caged mentality has eventually mutated  into the psyche glossed with negativiy, cynical attributes, skeptic behavior and pessimistic sulking. 

There has been a lot of clamor about the transfer of Power projects from NTPC. Even it did find mention in the 'Agenda of Alliance' in present dispensation. The matter catches significance not for its financial payouts but for its importance in terms of its emotional reckoning. The discussions evolving about the subject should normally have been reflecting the need, importance and factors that would eventually lead to their transfer. But the intellectual rumblings have reduced the issue of such importance to slicking embarrassment painted in confusion. NTPC had not yet offered the projects on platter that cynics started whipping their backs and thumping their chests on the prospects of their viability and profitability. Needless for them to understand is that when a chick cracks out from an egg it learns to sustain in the hostile environment. The world would not have been scientifically so advanced had there been not efforts taken by those who worked hard and proved to themselves and to the world that things could be changed for the benefit of mankind without any fear of failure to burden them. Before setting out on to something and without putting an attempt actually reflect nothing but the cowardice, risk averseness and pessimism that has mired our thought processes. In the contemporary scenario across the world, talking about lack of competence, lack of will, no resource pool, failures on the pretext of low margins and the limitations with respect to management are the aspects too laughable that a sales manager of a shoe company selling shoes to bare footed nomads in the forests of Africa will explain. India did not have the expertise to run the railways when British left it to fend for itself. NTPC is not run by angels who were experts from the day one it set its turbines in motion.

The power projects running in Kashmir have an emotional leverage in the eyes of Kashmiris that cannot be discounted under the wraps for not being economically sustainable.  It is not something that can be gauged and measured under the parameters of economics alone. Simple demand and supply arithmetic or the graphical representation of its economic viability with colored bar and pie charts cannot deconstruct the hype around these projects unless the balloon bursts for itself, if at all it is not worth it. Those who are milking these projects must be laughing at what is transpiring over the issue amongst the stakeholders themselves. Let them handover the projects, let the projects be left to rust for a while, let the tempers calm, let the nation decide what is to be done with these projects, there is no need to indulge in unwarranted skull drudgery before the givers decides whether to give or not. Let the ball of blame be placed in their court. 

Power projects are not the only ones subject to cynical judgments. This kind of skepticism has not only harmed our economy in the sectors of tourism, Handicrafts, Horticulture and others but even on political front the slogans of Autonomy, Self-rule, Azadi /Integration with India swing typically along our mental rollercoaster. We, even after sacrificing our blood for years together, do not have an idea what to do and what not to. For a successful nation a vision, a road map, the guiding forces, the leading principles, the determining factors have to be laid out and neatly delineated to religiously follow. We even don't know the path on which we have set our foot. The blinkered eyes and closed mindset have already taken toll of our self confidence. We are psychologically a disturbed lot with a habit of leaving everything half baked. This has completely left us  disoriented, without a goal, without a policy, without a beacon, without a leader and without having trust and confidence in each other. We shrug off everything with a sigh and surrender ourselves to sulk in dark blaming our destiny for the self inflicted wrongs. We know how to find a reason to defend our failures. And these failures have failed our psyche to the extent that we doubt even our abilities now.  

(The writer is a post-graduate in Management Studies from the University of Kashmir)

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