‘You bleed, I write’
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‘You bleed, I write’

So what is the mantra that is doing rounds now? Well, it tacitly connotes that as long as my countrymen bleed, I am going to write.

They say 'writing helps us to explore ways of being human, grants glimpses of lives beyond our own, aids empathy with others, alleviates distress, and widens our circle of awareness'. That's why those who write share a strange synergy with their subjects. 

Coming to Kashmir, we have a crop of writers who are the product of prevailing situation over here. It is just a corollary of enormous cruelty that makes them to spurt out numerous words here and there. Whether it's social media or any form of print media, these writers splash the bloody canvass with their emotive scribbling.    

The stuff is very impressive, obviously. For it's quite reactive, hyper and full of inherent conflicts, that makes the quintessence of any writing. For every body bag that arrives in the neighborhood and every pelleted eye that turns sightless, the resolve to fight back is tremendously loaded in their words. The crafted resilience is illuminating and, to be honest, is even heaped with reassurance that is very imaginative at the same time. 

I am in no way contesting such writing emanating from this place. In fact, it goes to show that some among us are alive to the situation and are apparently quite disturbed. They are venting out what they feel and relieving themselves of the multitude of encumbrance they harbor in their hearts and heads.  

What is the moot point is the romanticism that is being churned in the name of 'resistance writing'. I cringe every time I see the stuff that is being passed on as a 'signpost' of resistance. The rush of anger in the words that flow to deliver nothing but a message of plausible gore and mayhem simply qualifies to be just a piece of tirade. It can in no way be treated as a piece of literature to draw substantial interpretations and meanings out of it. There is slight profundity in such writing.

The reality is that 'one can either be a writer, or one can't'. There are no middle ways to be so. And if some people attempt it, they end up as rambling individuals! However, the alarm sets in when their rambling turns them into rabble-rousers. And, they even get recognition and patronage from different quarters, overtly or covertly, for being so.

Franco Moretti, a literary critic based at Stanford University, argues that a certain literature survives through the choices of ordinary readers, a process akin to evolution—"Literary history is shaped by the fact that readers select a literary work, keeping it alive across the generations, because they like some of its prominent traits."

Given this, what are the prominent traits that we as a miniscule reading community in Kashmir prefer to stay with us to shape our literary history in the long run? Has there been any such research work done to ascertain all this, and then draw upon hyperbolic conclusions, which validate that any type of 'resistance writing' is emerging out from this place?

 It is absolutely a different thing to build "scenes of an imaginary world," than producing a literature/writing that brings forth the harsh realities of subjects rather than glorifying everything that would rationally induce catastrophic creative infertility on all fronts, be it political, social or educational.   

So what is the mantra that is doing rounds now? Well, it tacitly connotes that as long as my countrymen bleed, I am going to write. I will continue to write till their pangs of pain and gasping breaths fuel my 'creativity' to the hilt. Till I drain every drop of their blood to fill my castle of words. I will write till I become a tagged rebel who sells agony of its countrymen at several syllable-shops.

Till I rouse up the terror that trembles around, I will continue to be a 'writer' that my countrymen acknowledge. For this, I need coffins and cries. Clamor and conflict. Tears and tragedy. Trauma and torture. 

You die; I am your obituary…..I will help more of you to die….I will glorify your death and doom….It won't be a long road till I am a so-called tagged 'rebel writer' as all these elements will embellish up my stories and concoct the literary history of this place for the ones who vulture over it!

Keep dying….Keep writing!!

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