#Dyeing Workshops

The famed dyers or Rangrezs have been filling colors in the lives of people in Srinagar from decades. They have faced the up and downs of the times particularly for the past three decades but have continued to dye the wool and fabrics used in various Kashmir art forms including embroidery. Generation after generation, the Rangrezs have run the workshops in Old City. "I am thankful to God for being involved in this work. A lot of people are associated with this as this is linked to Kashmir art like needle work and fabric, " says a young dyer who has also completed his post graduation in Commerce. However, the dyers are facing challenges amid the rising fuel, copper and dye prices. "I have been associated with this for past 20 years. Earlier we would get good returns in this trade but now the rates of gas has increased to Rs 1250. Workers like us should be provided subsidy by the government only then youngsters would get involved in this trade, " says another dyer. The workers say that they use big Copper utensils in dyeing, the prices of which have also increased. "Copper prices have also increased to 1150 per kg. A big copper cauldron weighs 8 kgs and depletes in six months. These are our major problems, " he says

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