‘Over 70 militants killed in Afghanistan’

‘Over 70 militants killed in Afghanistan’

More than 70 armed insurgents have been killed in Afghanistan's southern region over the past 24 hours, as government forces have increased pressure on the Taliban in Kandahar and the neighbouring provinces, Xinhua news agengy reported on Sunday quoting an army statement.

Units of the national army in the latest crackdown on theTaliban have killed three insurgents in Khakriz district of the southernKandahar province early on Sunday, said a statement of 205 Atal Corps releasedhere.

According to the statement, a Taliban commander MullahMahmoud alias Bado Jan was also among those killed in the raids. Similarly, thestatement reported killing 41 insurgents in Miwand, Mianshin and Shah Walikotdistricts of Kandahar province since Saturday.

Government forces, according to the statement, have alsokilled 10 Taliban fighters in Daichopan district of the neighbouring Zabulprovince over the past 24 hours, the army statement said.

A total of 12 militants have also been killed in KhasUruzgan district of the southern Uruzgan province as security forces targetedTaliban positions from the ground and air over the period, the army statementsaid.

Without briefing on casualties of security personnel, thearmy statement also noted that scores of militants had been killed in thesouthern region since Saturday.

Kandahar and neighbouring Zabul, Helmand and Uruzganprovinces are regarded as the hotbed of the Taliban militants and the militantgroup has intensified activities across Afghanistan, including in the restivesouthern region since launching its annual spring offensive on April 12.Afghan Defence Minister Assadullah Khalid hasinstructed government forces to spare no efforts in foiling militants' springoffensive and dispelling them from their hideouts in the country, Xinhuareported.

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