How Trump’s indictment will play out in court

How Trump’s indictment will play out in court
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New York, Mar 31: Millions of Americans, who support or hate former President Donald Trump, wondering how his indictment by a grand New York jury of a lower Manhattan court on “tax fraud” and “hush money” to an adult star play out in court -- like any defendant or look very different.

 Most Republicans in the GOP from former Vice-President Mike Pence to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who has been at the but end of severe and harsh criticism by Trump, however have rallied round Trump denouncing the sealed indictment by the jury as “political persecution: Trump and his son Eric, Vice- President of the Trump businesses, have called the indictment a political witch-hunt”. Most GOP members feel the indictment would brighten Trump’s dim prospects of nomination in the primaries for the 2024 presidential run, media report said.

A CNN report said that the Manhattan grand jury’s indictment of Trump will set in motion a criminal process that will in some ways work like that of any other defendant, and in other ways, look very different. In the US when a person is indicted, the charges are sometimes kept under seal until the defendant makes his first appearance in court. At present, the charges against the former President voted for indictment and trial by the grand jury of New York are under a sealed envelope and kept secret, though a 30-minute testimony has been leaked.

A spokesperson for the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg said in a statement that Trump’s attorney has been contacted to coordinate his surrender before the court.

“Trump’s lawyer has been informed that the District Attorney’s Office notice for arraignment on a Supreme Court indictment will remain under seal. Guidance will be provided when the arraignment date is selected,” Bragg added in a statement.

 A first appearance in court in US courts is usually public proceedings and in some cases the facility for self-surrender for the defendant is made with his lawyers. That’s voluntarily turning themselves into law enforcement agencies.

 Meanwhile, the New York police has been issued an internal memo to be ready in uniform to be on duty when the possible surrender takes place, media reports said.

The country is said to be on the edge and going into a frenzy with supporters, with actions similar to January 6 when Trump makes his appearance in court.

Trump’s attorneys were informed of the grand jury’s vote shortly after the indictment was publicly reported. Trump will in all probability be given the allowance of turning himself in voluntarily, according to multiple sources quoted by CNN.

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