Indian democracy strengthened by poll verdict: PM Modi

The Prime Minister also appealed to the diaspora to contribute to India's development.
Indian democracy strengthened by poll verdict: PM Modi

Indian democracy has been strengthened by the sweepingmandate in the general elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said here onSunday, adding that democracy is a part of Indian culture.

"The results of the Lok Sabha elections are a matter ofstudy for the world as to how mature Indian democracy is. We have seen people'srespect for democracy and their commitment to it," Modi told the Indiancommunity in Sri Lanka gathered at the India House.

He said that although the Indian elections saw a lot ofattacks and counter-attacks among the rivals, Indians became one "fromKashmir to Kanyakumari" once the vote count was over, triggering applausein the crowd.

Stating that women voters turned out in record numbers, Modisaid: "The message of this election is that as a democracy we havematured. Democracy is our tradition and there is democracy in ourculture."

The Prime Minister also appealed to the diaspora tocontribute to India's development.

"We have to take the country forward together. We haveto increase the pace of development. We will try to fulfil the dreams of everyIndian. You also contribute to India's development."

India's image, he said, had changed a lot in the last fewyears.

"I have been travelling around the globe and have nevercome across any complaint about Indians residing in various countries. This isdue to Indian culture and tradition.

"Today India's image in the world is getting stronger.A large part of credit for this goes to the Indian diaspora. Wherever I go, Iam told about the successes and accomplishments of the Indian diaspora,"Modi said.

The Prime Minister later shook hands with many members ofthe Indian community.

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