US announces new $1bn military assistance to Ukraine

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Representational ImageAnton Holoborodko [Wikimedia Commons]

Washington: US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has announced $1 billion in Washington's support for Ukraine, which will include depleted uranium munitions for the first time, the media reported.

According to CNN, the munitions -- which are mildly radioactive because they are made from dense metal, a byproduct from fuel production for nuclear power plants -- can be fired from the US-made Abrams tanks that are expected to arrive in Ukraine later this year.

The package also includes air defence system components, Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems for HIMARS, munitions, ammunition, and communications systems, the State Department said, adding that these weapons will come from Pentagon stocks.

In terms of long-term military support, the new package commits $100 million in military support, through the foreign military financing program, the Department said.

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