‘Yoga unites millions of people across globe’

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New York, June 20: Ahead of International Yoga Day, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday said that yoga not just unites body and mind, but also millions of people across the globe, and urged people to embrace it to build a more harmonious world.

The International Day of Yoga is celebrated on June 21.

“Yoga unites. It unites body and mind, humanity and nature, and millions of people across the globe, for whom it is a source of strength, harmony, and peace. In a dangerous and divided world, the benefits of this ancient practice are particularly precious,” the UN Secretary-General said in his video address.

He said that yoga reduces anxiety, promotes mental well-being, and helps people in connecting with the planet which is very much needed today.

“Yoga offers a haven of calm. It can reduce anxiety and promote mental well-being. It helps us to develop discipline and patience. It connects us to our planet, which so badly needs our protection. And it reveals our common humanity - helping us to understand that despite our differences, we are one,” Guterres said.

The UN Secretary-General further urged everyone to embrace the spirit of unity and resolve to build a better and more harmonious world.

“On this International Day of Yoga, let us embrace the spirit of unity, and resolve to build a better, more harmonious world for people, planet and ourselves,” he added.

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