Encroached roads create chaos in Bhadarwah town

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Encroached roads continue to create chaos in Bhadarwah town—adding to the miseries of the people of the township.

According to locals, be it a historic Chowgan, busy markets, Takia Chowk, Jamia Masjid or Sadar Bazar, street vendors are widespread.

"Their presence in big quantities on most of the town's roads causes traffic snarls and Jam beside creating chaos for pedestrians. Hence, they are one of the main causes of traffic congestion at various junctions of Bhadarwah town," said a group of locals.

Residents alleged, "it seems the authorities concerned have forgotten the face of the city where street vendors continue to occupy roads and shopkeepers foot paths leading to chaos and congestion".

At city centre Chowgan also known as Seri Bazar and adjoining areas, hawkers and shopkeepers continue to occupy the footpaths and roads making the movement of vehicles and pedestrians difficult. Beside several pleas to both Bhadarwah BMC (Bhadarwah Muncipal Committee) authorities, police and civil administration, officials have failed so far to act against the violators.

Most of the vendors have occupied roads and footpaths in Seri Bazaar, Takia Chowk, Sadar Bazar and Jamia Masjid markets. The footpaths meant for pedestrians have been occupied by vendors creating traffic chaos on the bridge, which is the way for many local buses. The problem though is existent in the main part of the commercial hub, the BMC has done nothing concrete so far.

The vendors on both sides of the road, selling textile items, cosmetic collections, vegetables and fruits, have extended their carts on road thus creating unnecessary traffic mess and narrowing the space for movement of locals.

"The historical Chowgan has turned into a nuisance. It seems all hawkers have gathered at this place. It takes more than 20 minutes to cross the market," said Tilak Raj Yogi, a resident of Mohalla Haveli.

Though when seen the police removes them from the site, the next day they are again back at the same place. People blame the BMC for failure to shift them permanently.

The officials associated with the Traffic Department and Police while admitting that the vendors create traffic problems in the town said it was the BMC's to clear the footpaths. When contacted ADC Bhadarwah Rakesh Kumar said, "Mushrooming of vendors in the main markets is a serious concern and we have already seeked the report from Executive Officer of BMC regarding the registered and illegal vendors, as soon we get the report, immidiate action will be initiated against troublemakers."

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