VBSY amplifies govt initiatives in Doda district

Doda, Dec 3: District Doda witnessed a transformative stride amid the Viksit Bharat Sankalp Yatra (VBSY), spreading awareness about numerous ongoing government initiatives for the region’s holistic growth.

Across locations like Assar, Kastigarh, Bhaderwah, Bhalla, Thathri, and Changa blocks, the programme  educated locals about various developmental programs. The yatra united community members, leaders, and dedicated individuals, all committed to advancing national development.


This vibrant initiative not only showcased the diverse cultural heritage of the region but also provided a platform for different government departments to present their flagship schemes and services at stalls. The engaging cultural extravaganza and the presence of esteemed personalities and community leaders boosted enthusiasm among attendees, urging active participation in the nation’s progress.

The yatra made its mark by visiting numerous panchayats like Chakka B, Bibrota, Kuddhar A, Kastigarh A, Butla, Nalthi, Rewara, Pranoo, Thathri A, MC Thathri, Thalorn, Samai, Shamthi, where residents responded with overwhelming enthusiasm. The events were enriched by the participation of government middle school students who delivered speeches on moral values and added vibrancy with captivating cultural programs.

At the Thalorn Panchayat Ghar in Changa block, a health checkup camp drew a significant crowd. Members of self-help groups highlighted the benefits of government-sponsored schemes like NRLM and PMAY, expressing gratitude to the Jammu and Kashmir UT government for extending these benefits to the community. Enthusiastic welcome of the yatra Van by locals and the airing of the Prime Minister’s message on a big LED screen added fervor to the event.

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