Dilapidated roads, defunct drainage system pester people in Srinagar

Srinagar, Feb 11: Residents of various areas of the summer capital find themselves in a state of distress as they grapple with a plethora of issues stemming from neglect of basic infrastructure.

From dilapidated roads to defunct drainage system, the plight of the residents remains unabated. As Srinagar city colonies grapple with its myriad woes, the plight of its residents serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for comprehensive infrastructure development to ensure a better quality of life for all citizens.


Several localities are facing escalating issues with crumbling infrastructure, including pothole-ridden roads and inadequate drainage systems. The situation has reached a point, prompting concerns about safety of residents.

One of the most pressing concerns for the residents is the appalling condition of the roads. Craters and potholes riddle the roads, posing a constant hazard to pedestrians and motorists alike. Commuters endure a bumpy ride daily, leading to damage to vehicles and inconvenience in transportation. Despite promises of repair from municipal authorities, the situation remains unchanged.

Residents allege irregular water supply, with taps running dry in between days. Those who do receive water often find it contaminated, raising concerns about health and sanitation. With no immediate solution in sight, families are forced to resort to expensive alternatives, further straining their financial resources.

The erratic power supply adds to the woes of the residents, with frequent power outages disrupting daily life. Businesses suffer losses due to interrupted operations, while students struggle to study amidst the darkness. Despite paying hefty electricity bills, residents feel shortchanged as the utility providers fail to deliver on their promises of uninterrupted power supply.

The deplorable state of infrastructure has also given rise to a public health crisis in the colonies. Accumulated garbage due to irregular waste collection services poses a breeding ground for diseases, endangering the well-being of residents. Lack of proper drainage systems exacerbates the problem during monsoon seasons, leading to waterlogging and subsequent health hazards.

There is an increase in crime rates and a lack of street lighting have created an atmosphere of fear among residents. Criminal incidents have surged amid darkness.

“The deteriorating conditions due to lack of basic facilities in our colonies are affecting our daily lives. We urgently need solutions to these problems, and we hope that authorities will take prompt action to address the aggravating issues we are facing,” said Mukhtar Ahmad, a Bemina resident.

“After 2 pm, our taps run dry as PHE authorities stop water supply for unknown reasons. We face immense inconvenience,” said a resident of Abi Guzar locality in Lal Chowk.

The authorities have assured residents of swift action to address their concerns. Plans for road repairs, improved water supply infrastructure, and waste management systems have been announced. However, residents remain sceptical given past unfulfilled promises. The effectiveness of these measures remains to be seen as residents cautiously await tangible improvements in their living conditions.

Authorities have been claiming that road repairs will be undertaken in March. However, residents have kept their fingers crossed as authorities have missed many deadlines on vital projects in the city so far.

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