Fatal road accidents

There seems no end to road accidents, claiming precious lives in Doda and other districts. Even after the recent major accident at Assar in Doda, in which 39 persons were killed, such mishaps continue to occur in the district and elsewhere. On the morning of November 27, two persons died in a road mishap at Tantana area of Gundana tehsil in Doda district.

The frequent occurrence of fatal road accidents in Doda and other districts continues to be a cause of concern. After the Assar accident, a massive drive was launched by the traffic police department to take action against those violating road safety rules.


The drive was not kept confined to Doda district only but was undertaken in other districts of Jammu and Kashmir. A number of violators were fined and their vehicles seized. The action by the traffic police department was widely appreciated and it is being hoped that the drive will be a permanent practice to prevent or minimise the road accidents to a large extent. But these drives are not the only solution to prevent mishaps.

The real solution lies in the realisation among all those, driving the vehicles, that how important it is to strictly follow the traffic rules. Following the rules is for their own safety and also for the safety of others travelling with them besides for the safety of others driving and travelling on roads.

The traffic police personnel cannot be present everywhere every-time to stop the vehicles and take action against violators. A positive change to strictly follow the rules must be there among all those driving.

It is not that all violate the rules. A sizeable number follow traffic rules but there are others, who do not care or bother. Their carelessness leads to accidents, deaths and serious injuries. Over- speeding, driving on wrong side or over-taking wrongly cause mishaps. Even there is a number of persons, who drive vehicles or ride two wheelers, without proper driving licences.

Action should be taken against them also. The frequent road accidents can be prevented by strictly following the road safety rules and taking action against those violating the rules.

Sometimes, bad road conditions also cause accidents. The roads in dilapidated condition must be repaired and made safe for traffic movement. There should be collective efforts to prevent road accidents and save precious lives.

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