Winter vacation in schools

The School Education Department (SED) has announced the winter vacation for all the government and recognised private educational institutions in the Kashmir division. As per the order, the vacation will be from November 28, 2023 to February 29, 2024, up to 8th standard. While for the classes from 9th to 12th, the vacations begin from December 11, 2023 and end on February 29, 2024. The SED announces the vacation every year.

This year the vacation was announced a few days earlier than last year. This is because the cold gripped Kashmir this year slightly earlier. Amid the cold and foggy mornings, the parents of the school children for last one week were demanding the winter vacation in schools. SED after reviewing the weather related scenario and other aspects did announce the vacation. Prior to the announcement of the vacation, there was also a demand by the parents for providing the heating arrangements in the classrooms.


Reports said that while few schools had made such an arrangement, the vast majority of schools were without any such facility. Subsequently, the students faced inconvenience. The parents were apprehending the kids falling ill due to cold in classrooms. Since the winter vacation is starting upto class 8th from November 28, there will not be a need now for heating arrangements for these classes. But, there is a need to provide such a facility in the classrooms from 9th to 12th, having winter vacations from December 11.

These children must not face problems due to cold. It is not about the schools only, the heating arrangements must be made available for the students in colleges and universities as well. Winter vacations for colleges and universities are announced later. Since the cold is likely to intensify in coming weeks, there is also a need to provide such a facility for the students and staff in colleges and universities also.

If providing heating arrangements in schools, colleges and universities becomes a permanent feature, then the winter vacation can be delayed further in future. That way the students will be able to cover their syllabi and prepare well for the examinations, which are later held in March-April after the winter vacation.

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