An Exceptional Boss

In the dynamic world of professional endeavors, having a mentor who provides unwavering support and guidance is nothing short of a blessing. Reflecting upon our journey, we acknowledge the pivotal role played by Joint Director Hospitality and Protocol Department Jammu, Ms. Ansuya Jamwal who was recently transferred and posted as Additional Deputy Commissioner Jammu, whose unwavering support and guidance have been the cornerstone of growth and success of the department in Jammu.

We, including the department have encountered numerous professional challenges. However, in the face of adversity, Ansuya Jamwal stood as a steadfast pillar, offering not just pragmatic solutions but also unwavering encouragement. Her ability to instill confidence, foster resilience, and nurture a culture of learning has been instrumental in shaping professional trajectory of Hospitality and Protocol department in Jammu.


What sets Ansuya Jamwal apart is her innate capacity to understand the nuances of each team member’s journey. Her empathetic approach, coupled with a keen sense of foresight, has helped not only the department but also private contractors of department to navigate complex situations with clarity and determination.

Beyond the professional realm, Ansuya Jamwal’s mentorship transcended into the realms of leadership. Her unwavering belief in abilities of all those people who were working with her, fostered a sense of self-assurance that continues to drive their aspirations today. Her guidance was not just about achieving targets; it was about fostering a holistic understanding of leadership values, ethical conduct, and the importance of empathy in the workplace.

As I look back on the time period spent under the tutelage of Ansuya Jamwal, I am filled with immense gratitude and appreciation for the transformative impact she have had on us. Her unwavering support and guidance have not only molded professional acumen of (Govt & Outsource) staff, but have also shaped their outlook on leadership, teamwork, and personal growth.

In bidding farewell to an exceptional boss, we carry with us a treasure trove of lessons, memories, and invaluable experiences. To Ansuya Jamwal, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for being the beacon of light that illuminated our path to success.

Madam, your legacy of unflinching support and guidance will forever remain etched in our journey, serving as a constant source of inspiration and motivation.
Madam, as you embark on a new journey as Addl. Deputy Commissioner Jammu, we wish you every success and happiness. Your legacy will forever remain a guiding light for us all. Thank you for your invaluable contribution and for being an exemplary leader. You will be dearly missed.

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