Rise in fire mishaps

There is a rise in fire mishaps in Kashmir for quite some time now. There was loss of life and injuries to several people in some recent incidents. Property worth crores of rupees has been also damaged in the blaze.

There is an immediate need to take all necessary and precautionary measures to prevent such mishaps. An elderly woman died and three of her family members were injured in a fire mishap at Lal Bazar in Srinagar
a few days back. According to officials, the leakage in an LPG cylinder caused the fire. The house of the family was also damaged in the incident. A commercial building was gutted in a fire at Bohri Kadal.


Reports of similar mishaps keep on pouring from different parts of Kashmir. While the fire mishaps occur throughout year, but it has been noticed that such incidents are on the rise in autumn and winter. May be the required care is not taken by the people. At times, the carelessness during the usage of heating appliances and stocking of dry grass and firewood cause fire. Sometimes the fire also occurs due to electric short circuit in the houses and other buildings.

It is the responsibility of the house and other building owners to get the electric faults removed so that there is no short circuit. Necessary repairs must be made wherever required. The dry grass in villages should be stocked at safer places. Same is the case with firewood, also being used for hamams in winter. Taking of kangris to such places must be avoided. While prevention can avert fire mishaps, but the mechanism to deal with fire incidents also needs to be strengthened. More stations of the fire and emergency services department must be established, wherever required.

There are demands from the residents of a number of places for such fire stations. The genuine demands must be met. There is also a need to further strengthen the fire and emergency services department, men and machinery wise. The man power should be increased and so the necessary equipment.

The officials must have enough reserved water to bring fire under control in the areas, having shortage of water. Sometimes in such areas time is unnecessarily wasted in getting water and extinguishing the fire. Averting fire incidents is possible if precautionary measures are taken and carelessness avoided.

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