Tomorrow is a new day

In this harsh pandemic time, it’s not easy to cope up. But remember, every day is a fresh beginning, Start with a positive thought. We deserve a better today. We deserve a better life. Are we going to treat this crisis as a passing moment, before the next one takes us by surprise, or, are we going to play our part and put ourselves on the right path to make a difference to our future?

Every day, I believe, is an opportunity to make life better than the day before. But not everything goes as planned, and we’ll have to make adjustments to make the situation more comfortable for us.

Every sunrise is a new opportunity to make a positive difference in our life. Make some new acquaintances, keep a constant smile on your face, respect people around you, and make time for family. If we accomplish these things, every day will undoubtedly be a better day.

It’s sad to find that many of us live in the past while the rest of the world seems to live in the future by imagining what might happen. What is more important, though, is to recognize that one must live in present and consider doing best while there.

Our route to success isn’t decided by what we’ve done before because that’s something we can’t control right now. In the same manner, we do not influence the future. We never know what we’ll do the next day.

This is because a variety of elements influence our ‘tomorrow,’ one of the most important is our current circumstances. We never know how things will turn out the next day! As a result, why not consider making today the finest of all?

Each day brings new opportunities, rather than moaning about what we don’t have or can’t control, we should focus on things that are working in our favor and make the most of them.

Instead of fussing about the things that didn’t happen, we should learn to appreciate the wonderful things that happen in our life every day. It is critical to recognize that what we have with you is our ‘present,’ and that we must not allow this to become a source of tension in the future.

We should be able to comprehend reality completely. What we did in the past was out of our control, and what we will do in the future is, of course, intangible. Unless we believe in fate, it makes little sense to spend too much time wondering about the future while doing nothing in the present.

As a result, we should be wise enough to think about today and to act on it now. Our daily actions and decisions will undoubtedly have an impact on our overall life and provide us with reason to be proud of it!

There are four things we need to know before we go into the world.

Remember these things; we will be the best person we can be,

Take an example of a pencil: We know that for it to become a useful pencil, from time to time, again and again, it’s going to have to go through sharpening. Well, if the pencil could feel, we can imagine how painful that would be, but that’s what it takes to be a useful pencil. Life is much the same.Painful experiences and challenges come to us all. But it is through these opportunities that we build character and grow.

Second, it to keep in mind, They will be able to crack many of the mistakes we make along the way, Just like an eraser. We learn from our mistakes. They’re not mistakes, they are lessons we can use to do better than next time around.

Third, to cite this pencil, every place where we are used, so to speak we leave our mark’ we’re writing our own story. Think of stumbling blocks as stepping stones and never stop writing.

And fourth, always remember the most important part of you is inside.

Every day is a new chance to start a new chapter in our lives and become better than we were the day before. Put in the effort and consider what we can accomplish better today than we did yesterday. Use your time smartly!

Khalid ul Islam is a Research Scholar (STATISTICS), SKUAST-Jammu

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