High alert after Pak jet flies near LoC in Poonch

The movement of a Pakistani aircraft on the Line of Control in Poonch sector has put security agencies on high alert.

Official sources said that Monday morning a trail of smoke was seen on Line of Control in Poonch sector that started from Shahpur area and ended at Saujiyan.

“It is being suspected that an aircraft flew over Line of Control in the area,” the sources said.

“As there was no movement of any aircraft from Indian side in the area on Monday morning, it became evident that the suspected aircraft was of Pakistan as the trail of smoke also moved towards Pakistan in forward Kahota area,” the sources said.

An official while terming the matter as a cause of concern said that matter has been taken up by the army with air force and other authorities.

“Although no air space violation has been reported as of now but the aircraft flew very close to LoC and possibly above LoC which has been taken seriously by higher authorities,” the officials added.

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