Snow blanket covers upper reaches of Pir Panjal

Rajouri, Dec 5: A thick blanket of snow has covered the upper reaches of Pir Panjal region, thus leading to dip in temperature affecting normal life.

Meanwhile, unscheduled power curtailments are further adding to the woes of people amid inclement weather conditions, including snowfall, which resulted in the closure of Mughal Road.


Upper reaches experienced snowfall for two days last week while plain and low-lying areas received rainfall.

Presently, upper reaches of Pir Panjal region, including Mandi, Saujiyan, Loran, Surankote, Mughal Road, Thanamandi, DKG, Darhal, Kandi, Budhal were under snow cover. Some parts of these upper reaches are having almost two feet of snow. This has resulted in the closure of mountain passes. Members of Gujjar-Bakerwal tribal community as well as Paharis have deserted their seasonal houses, called Dhoks, where they would go again in summer.

With snow-covered mountains, the temperature has witnessed a sharp decline in the region, especially during night hours. Chilly conditions are likely to continue till February.

Locals told Greater Kashmir that winter season as usual brought a lot of hardships for them, especially in terms of power supply.
Muhammad Tabraiz, a local, told Greater Kashmir that erratic power supply was the biggest hardship that people would face during winter.

“On one hand, there is decline in temperature due to snowfall, on other hand there is rise in power curtailment, especially unscheduled cuts and this badly affects the life of people,” said Tabraiz.

“The department concerned has failed to augment power infrastructure to meet power related issues during winter when the system remains overburdened,” he said.

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