CIVILIAN KILLINGS: Opposition stages walkout in Legislative Council

Legislative Council today witnessed ruckus soon after it began as the Chairman Haji Inayat Ali disallowed the adjournment motion on discussion over civilian killings and human right violations in Kashmir. Opposition members of National Conference and Congress walked out of the House.

Congress member Ghulam Nabi Monga and National Conference’s Sajjad Ahmed Kichloo moved the adjournment motion, but the Chairman rejected it without giving any specific reason and appealed them to participated in question hour.

“Question hour is important, let’s finish this first,” the Chairman said, triggering agitation from opposition members.

Monga retorted to the statement of Chairman saying, “People have been killed in Kashmir, there are gross human rights violations and pellet terror. Question hour may be resumed tomorrow but we want discussion on this grave issue today. This House is nothing if it does not allow us to discuss the issues.”

Soon after, other NC–Congress members rose from their seats creating a din in the House. The opposition members stormed into Well of the House and shouted slogans “Qatil Sarkar Hai Hai (down with killer government), Zalim Jabbir Sarkar Hai Hai (down with atrocious government)”.

The members wanted that the Chairman suspend the question hour and admit the adjournment motion. They also torn some papers and threw them towards the chair.

Haji Inayat Ali interrupted and called on the members ‘to maintain decorum of the House’ and allow question hour but ruckus continued until the Chairman adjourned the House for five minutes around 11.25 a.m.

Soon after the House resumed, Congress and National Conference members rose from their seats and shouted slogans against the government. The opposition questioned the Chairman for disallowing the motion but he continued with question hour and took queries of members from ruling alliance.

Miffed by this, opposition members again stormed into Well and tried to grab the Chairman’s attention.

“Sir, we are seeking your attention, we are not fools shouting here, we want discussion on very grave issue,” said NC’s Showkat Ahmed Ganai.

However, Chairman remains unmoved and did not pay heed towards them.

“You are Chairman of entire House, not just for PDP members,” Qaisar Jamsheed Lone shouted from the Well.

At 11.54 a.m. opposition members staged walkout from the House.

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