Two youth leaders join BJP in Jammu

Jammu, Mar 29: Two youth leaders of Jammu and Kashmir, one of whom had been associated with the Apni Party, joined the BJP here on Tuesday.

Muneeb Quraishi and Pawan Singh were welcomed into the party fold by the BJP’s Jammu and Kashmir president Ravinder Raina at the party headquarters here.

Quraishi, an entrepreneur hailing from Kashmir, had been associated with the Apni Party. Singh is from the border area of Pargwal in Jammu.

“It is a happy moment for all of us that two prominent youth leaders…are becoming part of the party along with their supporters. Their joining will further strengthen the party at the grassroots level, Raina told reporters.

Quraishi, who had joined the Apni Party in October last year, said, “During the past 70 years, only family rule was visible in J&K. The biggest change in the present time is the empowerment of an ordinary citizen having no political backing and, therefore, it is time…to bring a positive change.”

Quraishi, who studied in London and worked in multiple European countries before moving back to Jammu and Kashmir, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was his biggest inspiration.

“Nationalist voices were suppressed by politicians and anti-national forces but the time has come when the people should leave fear and extend their open support to nationalists and contribute positively, Quraishi said.

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