Be cautious of fraudsters raising money using patient reports: SKIMS

Srinagar, Aug 22: Officials at Sheri Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences, Soura on Tuesday cautioned people against fraudsters raising money using institute’s patient reports. 

In a statement, the  SKIMS authorities said that few fraudsters allegedly raise money for patients by resorting to displaying patient reports of CT scans/PET scans and the like issued by various departments of SKIMS. “These reports do not in any way convey any endorsement of a fund raiser by SKIMS. Any certificate that is issued by SKIMS certifying to the requirements of finances by a patient for his investigations or treatment is always signed by the head of the respective department and countersigned by the Director, SKIMS, ” it said. 


The Institute said that the general public is requested to note that SKIMS is not responsible for any fund raisers, genuine or not. 

“We only issue certificates certifying the need for total finances or recurring treatment of a patient. The certificates are always signed by the Director without exception, ” it said

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