Brigadier P M S Dhillon urges collective efforts against terrorism fueled by drugs

Baramulla, Nov 29: A top Army Commander and Brigadier of the Pir Panjal Brigade, Brigadier P M S Dhillon Wednesday urged for collective efforts to combat terrorism fueled by illicit drug trade infiltrating the region.

Addressing the students during the distribution of desktops to them in Boniyar area of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, Brigadier Dhillon highlighted the evolving tactics employed by infiltrating terrorists, asserting that they no longer arrive with conventional financial resources but instead carry narcotics for distribution.


He underlined the crucial role of the ongoing anti-terrorism campaign initiated by the Jammu and Kashmir government, asserting that its success hinges on the active participation of every individual.

“Thinking that this trouble will spare your home and only affect neighbouring households is a misconception. We must all unite with the administration to eradicate terrorism fuelled by drugs for the benefit of our collective well-being,” Brigadier Dhillon said.

He revealed a disturbing aspect, indicating a deliberate plan to engage the youth of J&K in drug trafficking.

Brigadier Dhillon said that the value of heroin significantly multiplies as it traverses from Afghanistan to Rawalpindi and eventually to Kashmir, reaching a staggering Rs 7 crore per kg.

“The value of 1 kg of heroin in Afghanistan is Rs 1.5 lakh and when it reaches Rawalpindi it increases to Rs 3 lakh. When it reaches Kashmir, its value rises to Rs 7 crore,” he said.

Brigadier Dhillon said that if 1 kg of heroin is compared to 1 kg of Rs 2000 notes, the value of heroin is higher.

“Pakistan’s sinister design is to destabilise our country, commencing with J&K. They aim to trap everyone in the clutches of drugs, leading to a weakened society and a compromised economy,” he said.

Reflecting on his unit’s longstanding presence in the region since 1995-1996, Brigadier Dhillon applauded the significant progress achieved over the past 25 years.

Addressing the students, he urged them to stay focused, fostering the belief in a brighter future.

Brigadier Dhillon emphasised the transformative power of education, calling it the “biggest achievement” and encouraging the youth to contribute to the ongoing efforts to secure the region’s stability.

On the occasion, the Indian Army and Expansion International Private distributed around 75 desktop computers to local school children at Boniyar.

Besides desktop computers, the Army’s Pir Panjal Brigade, Dagger Division, and Torna Battalion also distributed winter jackets to underprivileged individuals as well.

The Commander Pir Panjal Brigade also unveiled a state-of-the-art computer laboratory at Chinar Nau Jawan Club in Boniyar.

“This newly established facility promises to be a hub for educational advancement, offering local youth access to computer-based courses and skill development programs,” an Army officer said.

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