Crime Branch Kashmir books fake online shopping company for fraud

Crime Branch Kashmir (CBK) has registered a case against tenpersons who “fraudulently” stole the money of a person by informinghim that he had won a lucky draw.

CBK initiated a preliminary enquiry on the written complaintreceived from one person, which revealed that the complainant has received anSMS from Cell NO. 919523848205 informing him that he has won a lucky prize ofRs.12,80,000/- and TATA Safari Vehicle vide coupon code No. 101 from NAPTOL online shopping Pvt. Ltd, said a spokesman.

The complainant, he said, was induced to deposit differentamounts in different bank accounts under the garb of different charges/duties. 

“The complainant deposited Rs.10,26,500/- Rs.1,48,800/- Rs. 2,75,88/- Rs. 1,44,200/- Rs. 3,33,500/= Rs. 25,400/- Rs.2,67,600/- Rs. 91,600/- Rs. 49,400/- Rs. 1,91000/- making in all an amount ofRs=23,05588 in various Bank Accounts of Punjab National Bank provided by thecallers who projected themselves to be the employees of NAPTOL On-Line ShoppingLtd. and Reserve Bank of India (RBI),” said the spokesman.

It also came to fore that the suspects were not employees ofNAPTOL On-line Shopping Pvt. Ltd. nor has the said company issued any LuckyDraw Coupon.

“In this manner the suspects who projected themselvesto be the employees of NAPTOL On-Line Shopping Pvt. Ltd. and RBI, have in adeceitful and fraudulent manner and grabbed the hard eared money of thecomplainant amounting of Rs=23,05588/= on the pretext of winning a TATASafari  Vehicle and cash amount of Rs.12,80000/- through a Lucky Draw,” said the spokesman.”The aforesaid acts of omission andcommission on the part of  allegedaccused (1) Suresh Prasad S/O Anil Prasad (2) Mrs. Sweta Suman D/O Satendar Singh (3) Kunal Sharma (4) Vikas Kumar(5)  Rajvi Kumar (6) Ravi Kant Kumar (7)Akash Gupta R/O Bihar, (8) Mrs. Rekha Devi W/O Lalit Singh, (9) Parveen GuptaR/sO Patna Bihar, and (10) Mrs. Phool Kumar Paswan R/O Mumbai (MH), prima-faciadisclose commission of offences punishable U/S 420, 120-B,/RPC, 66-D I.T. Act.Case has been registered and further investigation taken up.”

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