Manigam residents rue lack of public transport

Residents of Manigam in Kangan area along the Srinagar-Leh road demand better public transport service, saying lack of buses plying on the local routes cause wastage of time and anxiety among employees and students.

The residents demand assigning more passenger vehicles forthe area.

 A civil society groupof Manigam, headed by Mudasir Rashid told Greater Kashmir that their localitiesdespite being situated meters away from the Srinagar-Leh highway no properpublic transport facilities were available for them.

“We have to wait for hours for a passenger vehicle to reachour destinations,” Rashid said.

“Due to the insufficient facility of transport servicein our area we face difficulties to carry out our routine jobs in time. Thestudents often reach their schools and colleges late hampering theireducation,”

The residents also complain being forced to hire expensiveprivate transport facilities in case of emergencies.

“We have already apprised the concerned authoritiesabout our grievances but we continue to suffer,” said Mohammad Junaid, alocal resident.

Some residents say at times they have had to wait for morethan two hours for a bus to be able to travel between places in the area.

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