Mid-April fool: Non locals mistake lookalike mineral for gold in Ganderbal, video goes viral

A group of non-locals on Saturday thought they had literally hit a gold mine in Kangan area of central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district. 

It rather turned out a mid-April fool with the group ending up bagging only a lookalike of the precious metal. According to reports, a tipper truck had dumped rubble from a tunnel construction site on a road in Kangan area of Ganderbal earlier this week.


Soon after the truckload landed on the road, a group of non-locals pounced on the rubble rummaging through piles of rocks for gold and apparently collecting some pieces.

A video of the group including men and women has also gone viral wherein they are seen searching for gold with some members believing to have “hit gold”.

However an officer from the local Geology and Mining department in Ganderbal told Greater Kashmir that soon after the claim, they sent their team at the spot to confirm the composition of the mineral he said turned out to be pyrite also known as “fool’s gold”. 

The mineral is an iron sulfide having a metallic lustre and pale brass-yellow hue giving it a superficial resemblance to gold, hence giving it the nickname of fool’s gold, the officer said. 

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