Newly-wed woman jumps into power canal, dies

A newly married woman died Friday after she jumped into a hydropower canal in Kangan area of Ganderbal district, officials said.

Irshada Begam, 24, jumped into Wangat link power canal,meters away from her maternal home in Baranbugh.

Her body was retrieved from the canal after hours of hecticefforts by police and local residents.

She had married Tariq Ahmad Lone of Chhatetgul just a fewmonths earlier.

Begam’s body was taken to sub-district hospital Kangan forlegal and medical formalities as police took up investigation into theincident.

The hydropower canal has witnessed dozens of people die inthe last 25 years, either by jumping into it or by slipping accidentally.

A number of sheep and cattle also get lost in it in absenceof any fencing along the canal.

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