Police detain, counsel eight teens for dangerous bike stunts on road

Srinagar, Nov 7: Jammu and Kashmir Police have detained eight teenagers and seized four bikes for doing dangerous stunts on roads, officials said on Monday. The boys were later handed over to their families.

The police said that they detained the eight boys for the stunts on Boulevard road.


“Eight teenage boys detained for doing dangerous life-threatening stunts on Boulevard road on banks of Dal Lake,” Srinagar police said in a tweet.

The boys,however, were allowed to go with their families after counselling.

” The delinquent boys were handed over to families after full day counselling and after receiving good behaviour bond. The four modified bikes used by them have been seized,” it said.

The police action was hailed by majority of people but some wanted it away from the social media.

“Good job @SrinagarPolice. Need to curb this menace, which is dangerous to life,” said a netizen in a tweet.

Another social media user said that the boys need ‘counselling not tweeting’.

“They are teenagers, need proper counselling, not tweeting! I guess we all have been through this at some point of time in our lives! Nothing to worry about, part of growing up! Yah! Thought times have changed!,” he said.

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