Sehrai condemns slapping of sedition charges on students

Tehreek-e-Hurriyat (TeH) chairman Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai today strongly condemned the sedition charges against four Kashmiri female students studying at NIMS, Jaipur.

Expressing deep concern and anguish over the arrests and thrashing of Kashmiri student, Sehrai, in a statement, said, “No corner of India is safe for Kashmiris and they are being harassed everywhere in all possible ways.”


“These actions reflect the communal and prejudiced thinking which has no moral justification. If the harassment of Kashmiri students does not stop, it will have a strong reaction in Kashmir,” Sehrai said.

Criticizing the J&K administration for failing to stop attacks and harassment of Kashmiri students studying outside the state, Sehrai said, “the state authorities have done only lip-service so far in this regard.”

He said that “such vindictive and hatred politics for electoral gains played by the ruling dispensation are shameful. These fictitious charges should immediately be withdrawn against the students as these will ruin the careers of these Kashmiri students.”

“On the one hand the worst kind of atrocities are being unleashed on the people of Kashmir and, on other, the career of Kashmiri students outside the state is being ruined on one pretext or the other,” he added.

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