Stage vandalized during music event at Badamwari; police register FIR

Jammu and Kashmir Police on Sunday said a case has been registered against “miscreants” who vandalized the stage during a musical event at Badamwari.

Reports said that the stage was vandalized by a group of youth who also thrashed the artists while they were performing in the garden.

“In a musical event at Badamwari today, where thousands of people including very large number of women and children were present, a group of miscreants created ruckus on the stage,” said a police spokesman.

He said the actual cause of ruckus was that one boy among the audience demanded that song of his choice be played. “… his request was not fulfilled immediately. When he took away the mic, one member of the cultural group slapped that boy. This led to the ruckus on stage.”

The spokesman said the police used maximum restraint. “Any type of shelling or force would have created a stampede like situation at the venue,” he said.

“Miscreants have been identified and FIR has been registered. Legal action will follow,” he added.

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