Tourists rue absence of mobile network at scenic Athwatoo

The picturesque tourist spot of Athwatoo in Bandipora district thronged by many during summers does not have mobile network connectivity, holding up its real potential.

Located at the foothills of Harmukh mountains Athwatoo issurrounded by serene and thick forests and streams of crystalline water gushdown the slopes.


However, visitors and locals are aghast over lack of mobileconnectivity in the area.

Many visitors and families who visited Athwatoo on Sundaysaid that they were disappointed because of lack of mobile connectivity andfelt anxious there.

“We had come to spend quality time here as we have beenhearing a lot about this place, and it is really a beautiful place to visitwith family and friends. However, lack of mobile connectivity here is a causeof concern. In today’s world no one would want to be disconnected from outsideworld,” said Muhammad Amir, who had come to Athwatoo for a night stay with hisfriends from Sopore.

Amir said that they were not reachable to friends and folksback home, leading to worries.

“We were out of network coverage during our night stayat Athwatoo. It’s such a beautiful place and I would urge everyone to visithere but lack of mobile connectivity is an issue and authorities should dosomething about it,” said Amir’s friend, Mohammad Ehsan.

A few tourists visiting from outside the state also rued themissing mobile connectivity at the beautiful area.

“I visited the place for the first time as I have beenseeing posts on social media about this place and it really is a beautifulplace but mobile connectivity is an issue here and the government must providethe connectivity as soon as possible, ” said Riya Singh, who had come allthe way from Chandigarh.

Locals say they had to come down at least a kilometer to getmobile network coverage even as the nearest village is just 30 minutes from thedistrict headquarters.

They appealed the Governor to look into the matter to helpboost tourist flow to Athwatoo. Deputy Commissioner for Bandipora, ShahbazAhmad Mirza, could not be contacted for his response.

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