Chugh demands White Paper on Punjab economy

Srinagar, Sep 27: BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today demanded the Bhangwant Mann government to release a white paper on the state of Punjab economy as the debt burden on the state has skyrocketed  ever since the AAP government came to power.

He said the Bhagwant Mann government has miserably failed to rationalize the state economy as the debt on every Punjabi has started getting overbearing.

Chugh said there have been reports that the Bahgwant Mann government now wants to mortgage the bus stands in the state to raise funds.

He demanded the AAP government to come clear on the matter and also define what are the financial constraints that are driving it to resort to such desperate measures.

Chugh recalled how the state Governor had pointed out the outrageous debt of Rs 50,000 crores that the AAP government had raised in its tenure of last two years.

He said it was unprecedented and the state government needs to explain it because Punjab cannot be held to ransom by the Bhagwant Mann government.

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