In Pictures: Snowy Drung captivates tourists, locals

Located in the foothills of famous ski-resort Gulmarg, Drung is witnessing a flow in visitors, including locals and tourists after a prolonged dry spell ended last Thursday. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK
Notwithstanding its small size and rocky terrain, Drung’s striking waterfall is alone its Unique Selling Point (USP), and amid snow captivates locals and tourists alike. Photo; Mubashir Khan/ GK
With Gulmarg receiving over 4-inches of snowfall and with more predicted to come, the tourists, waiting desperately for snow in Srinagar are travelling to Gulmarg in numbers, adding to the footfall of Drung as well, drivers, hoteliers, travel agents and houseboat owners said. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK
And amid icy-roads, prolonged traffic-jams and advisory against non-4×4 vehicles along the Gulmarg road, many visitors are enjoying the serene at Drung. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK
While snow dodged the plains and touched higher reaches, more precipitation is predicted by the weather office. Photo: Mubashir Khan/ GK

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