Editorial|As the numbers mount

Like a sea voyage we seem to be in the middle of an unbounded water body, with no shore in sight from anywhere. Now it has been almost three months, but the crisis are far from over. In the initial days we thought that we will have to endure it for some weeks, and then every thing will limp back to normal.

Then some more weeks, and followed by more. Meanwhile the talk of economy going haywire, and poor and middle class losing livelihood started gaining pitch. Then we saw people talking about relaxing the restrictions and allowing the life to breath normally to an extent, and also observe caution.

That the life and the crisis will go along and we will, down the line, do some fine balancing act, and rescue ourselves finally. Though that seems to be the latest in the management of crisis, but the steep rise in the numbers are sending counter signals again up our minds. From last couple of days we have seen that the positive cases have gone up, and there is a degree of alarm that cannot be wished away. The question that was staring us first day into our eyes doesn’t seem to take its gaze off. Despite all efforts by the government and observance of guidelines by the people, we are not out of this crisis.

Add to it the mounting pressure of economic troubles. Again we ask ourselves the same set of questions, and are met by the same set of answers. It looks that we all have to be very tough mentally. The hurt caused by this crisis is deep but if we lose patience it can only get deeper. So the first thing is that we rehearse the lesson.

In such crisis there are no short cuts. People have to, as the global bodies and the governments world over have underlined,  learn to live with covid. Meanwhile the government needs to speed up its efforts further to bolster the system of testing and treating the positive cases. We cannot run away from these crisis, the only option is to fight it out.