PDP leader announces to donate land for hospital

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leader, Nazir Ahmad Yatoo on Wednesday announced that he will donate one kanal land for construction of new hospital in central Kashmir’s Budgam district.

In a statement, Yatoo said people of Kashmir have gone through tough times for decades now and the newly found deadly Covid-19 has only compounded their problems.

He said resilience shown by people to restart their lives after last year’s shutdown was commendable. “But now they are hit by this deadly coronavirus,” he said.

He said Kashmir has only few well-equipped hospitals and his aim of donating land was to set up a hospital in the district.

“The government-run hospitals in Kashmir lack specialized masks, ventilators, testing kits and space to establish special quarantine and isolation wards, so it’s time to do something on individual level,” Yatoo said.