PSAK offers support to Govt to fight coronavirus spread

Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) on Wednesday offered its resources including buildings, transport and trained manpower to government for use in fight against spread of coronavirus.

In a statement, the Association said all private educational institutes have voluntarily decided to help government with all possible ways to deal with the situation.

“We have been discussing all possible ways in which we could help government in controlling the deadly disease. We have felt that there may be need of our resources like buildings, vehicles or trained manpower and we have offered it to government to make use of it in whatever way they see feasible,” said G N Var, President PSAJK.

The Association decided to offer space in hundreds of schools in entire Jammu and Kashmir. “Be it all big schools in Kashmir or in Jammu and other districts everyone has offered their resources,” said Var. “We have also compiled a list of the buildings which we will be offering to government.”

The Association said given the situation in Italy or Spain there was a need to be extra careful in moving ahead.

The Association appealed people in general and students in particular who have arrived from outside not to hide their travel history.

“God forbid, if anyone of those persons has any symptoms, he may subject his family and society to a lot of suffering. So, it is better to reveal travel history to the doctors and be safe,” said Var. “Some students have been complaining of bad quarantine facilities. We urge them to help authorities to improve facilities and not make ruckus or try to escape.”

The Association appealed people to cooperate with the government with utmost seriousness. “If there is shutdown, don’t move outside. Don’t make any crowd. It will take only 14 days to control the situation if all of us maintain social distance and follow the rules,” said Var. “Otherwise it will take a much longer time to control.”

The Association urged the authorities to increase the frequency of Covid-19 tests so that all cases were identified and treated.