Corona – The Second Wave
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Corona – The Second Wave

Several states have already been through two or three waves, with the current onslaught of a fresh surge, which is more severe and fatal.

When Covid-19 pandemic started last year, everyone presumed the same to be a short lived phenomenon. It took us more than a month to realise the seriousness, and we yielded to a single appropriate solution of lockdown. Despite negative impact on business, livelihood, education and other necessities, lockdown provided a breather for people to get accustomed to an amended lifestyle and for administration to gear up resources for meeting this gigantic challenge. Towards the autumn, there were subtle indications that this pandemic was gradually getting under control. A year later, although armed with additional research, medicines and vaccines, we are still struggling to control the virus. Several states have already been through two or three waves, with the current onslaught of a fresh surge, which is more severe and fatal.

The phase-wise relaxation period saw an increase in Covid cases due to a plethora of reasons :

  • People desperate to come out of their homes after a hiatus.
  • Businesses eager to recover lost revenue by stepping up operations in a single go rather than gradual increase.
  • Burnout of Medical and Paramedical staff due to over-exertion.
  • Excessive strain on Medical infrastructure and resources.
  • Enhanced people-to-people interactions over festivals, ceremonies, marriages etc
  • Disregard for individual preventive measures due to presumed attitude.

The last point happened to be a major contributor, with folks across the country joining marriage feasts, political rallies, community gatherings and festivities irrespective of the key norms of wearing masks or maintaining social distance.

J&K saw a peak at 1698 cases on 12th Sept (active cases touching 22036 on 20th Sep), including two intermittent spikes of 620 and 751 cases on 7th June and 20th July respectively. The post peak period exhibited a significant decline, with daily cases dropping as low as 43 on 8th Feb (actives down to 595). However, there has been a steep increase in the cases since last week of March'21, leading to a build-up of the second wave, which we are currently combating.

The Urban districts of Srinagar and Jammu happen to be major contributors of the state, with their joint contribution reaching as high as 68% of total active cases at times. Srinagar had depicted an early peak in July'20 while Jammu peaked in Sept/Oct. A noteworthy factor could be the mass movement of people from Srinagar to Jammu post October, resulting thereby in a steady plateau during the winter months when cases in Srinagar were on a decline.

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