Salahuddin leads protest rally in Muzaffarabad

Salahuddin leads protest rally in Muzaffarabad

The rally was organised by HizbulMujahideen militant outfit.

Hundreds of people staged a rally in capital of Pakistan administered Kashmir (PaK) on Sunday to pay homage to six civilians and three militants killed in Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday. Participants of the rally which

started at ChehlaChowk were holding banners and placards, inscribed with pro-freedom slogans and portraits of slain militants MannanWani, BurhanWani and others.

“Kashmir kiazaditak, jangrahegi (the war will continue until freedom of Kashmir),” they shouted.

The rally was organised by HizbulMujahideen militant outfit.

Earlier, speaking to the participants, HizbulMujahideen supreme commander Syed Salahuddin blamed New Delhi’s “jingoism and intransigence” for non-settlement of “festering Kashmir dispute.”

He recalled that “Kashmir freedom movement” remained peaceful until 1990, but New Delhi “always tried to torment peace-loving Kashmiri people apart from brazenly denying them their internationally acknowledged right to self determination.”

While Salahuddin had earlier stated on many occasions that militants were not averse to dialogue or political process aimed at peaceful settlement of the issue, he however voiced discontent with “all other methods” except for the armed struggle, at the rally.

“I earnestly believe that a statewide armed struggle is the only solution to get this decades old dispute settled… In fact, every single person in Kashmir has come to the same conclusion, which is why educated youth have joined the ranks of freedom fighters and are laying down their lives without any fear,” he said.

Salahuddin reiterated his demand to the government of Pakistan that “being a key party to the longstanding dispute, it should extend complete military support to Kashmiri militants.”

“Pakistan should seriously review the situation in Jammu and Kashmir and initiate effective and result-oriented steps… Mere lip service will further aggravate the situation,” he cautioned.

He said India’s conduct over the past seven decades “proved that it is least concerned about Kashmiri people and their wishes.”

Rather, he said, India’s “only interest is in land and rich resources of Kashmir.” He cited three percent participation in recent local body polls, which he alleged were held under “shadow of bullets and bayonets” in Jammu and Kashmir as an “ample proof of Kashmiris’ alienation from India.”“In fact it is a referendum against India and should serve as an eye opener for rulers,” he said.