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When somebody challenges you, fight back, be brutal, be tough —Donald Trump.

The dawn of 2018 started with a number of aggressive tweets by President Trump. In His first tweet, he warned Kim Jong Un that his nuclear button is much bigger and better than that of North Korea and in another tweet, he accused Pakistan of supporting Taliban and other terrorist groups. Trump believes in defeating his enemies and now he is proving himself right by issuing threats to North Korea and Pakistan, despite the fact that Pakistan supported America’s war on terrorism in Afghanistan by providing a base to American fighter jets and tanks. Pakistan always supported United States from the very beginning. Liaquat Ali Khan, the first Prime minister of Pakistan, supported US action in Korea, which he later described as being aimed at “saving Asia from the dangers of world communism”. By posting threatening tweets, Trump appears to have no sense of responsibility and now he has forgotten about treating good friends. By such derogatory remarks, he is isolating world’s powerful nation. 

After the partition of British India, Jinnah told a photo journalist that America needs Pakistan more than Pakistan needs America. This interview of Burke White was published within two years of the founding of Pakistan. When the interview was published Bourke white wrote Pakistan is looking for good relations with United States. Russia was not having good relationship with Pakistan, as Jinnah was more interested in America than Russia.

When the first prime minister of Pakistan visited Washington at the invitation of President Harry Truman, he was warmly received, in May 1950. During that visit he declares Pakistan’s alignment with the United States. One can vouch for it that Pakistan; from the very beginning shared cordial relationship with United States. Pakistan was always an ally of United States from the very beginning.

United States has no cordial relations with Korea. They were always against the growing communism, hence were making allies to which Pakistan became part of fighting rise of communism across the world. This was the beginning of US and Pakistan relation. US started pouring funds to Pakistan soon after the trip of Liaquat Ali Khan. He maintained that the relationship with US means a lot for Pakistan, which is meant to save Pakistan’s security against India.

Pakistan had in past blatantly trusted United States. Once Liaquat Ali Khan suggested that if American would guarantee security to the Pakistan’s frontiers, they don’t need to maintain any army then. The then Brigadier Shahid Hamid and other ministers, diplomats had shown keen interest in becoming ally of America, which is why he sought help from American Intelligence.

In 1951 when Liaquat Ali was assassinated, before his assassination he had a meeting with General Ayub Khan and his foreign minister about the military cooperation with US.

When US decided to build “North Tier of Defence” against soviet, they sought help from Pakistan. This became opportunity for Pakistan to become close to US and to secure resources and material for increasing country’s military capability. Later on, Pakistan concluded a joint defence treaty with the United States in 1954, hence became part of SEATO (Southeast Asia Treaty Organisarion). For Pakistan the relation with United States was quid pro quo.

To seek alliance with US, Pakistan even committed to fight communism. Till date nothing happened for free for them, Pakistan had to earn everything first. For economic aid from the US, They participated in SEATO and CENTO, that’s how they earned economic aid and military equipment from the US. 

What Trump is doing now had happened in 1965 too, what was output that the 1965 war bred anti-Americanism. The same thing is happening now. When the trump administration decided to stop economic aid to Pakistan has yielded a notion which is spreading among Pakistani’s diplomats and leaders that US is not a true ally for them.

 Trump is becoming the towering figure (breaking all relations and records) in the history of United States by his decisions, which is causing an upheaval in the United States foreign policy and an aversion to Muslims towards trump and United States. His weird decision on recognising Jerusalem as a capital of Israel and stopping aid to Pakistan has further made the thought of aversion clear that trump administration holds anti-Muslim policy. Since he took charge as president of world’s most powerful nation, he has since then filled his Twitter timeline with threats to Muslims that they are simultaneously supporting terrorism across the world.  He laid the foundation of hatred by dominating the factor that most of the Muslim nations endorsed terrorism, irrespective of the fact that most of the Muslim countries are suppressed by the rise of terrorism and terrorist activities. We have Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan some perfect examples which are fighting terrorism on their respective lands. But trump administration is not clearly analysing, which is why he accuses Pakistan of “Deceit and lying”. A louder chorus of voices in Muslim countries would portray president Trump as asinine gibberish. 

P.S:- President Trump’s hefty claims on peace, his decisions are making sense that he’s not pragmatic at all and he apparently endorses violence by threatening other small nations with Nukes. Such revelations about him make sense that the future of world’s powerful nation is in wrong hands. By posting his personal thoughts online on his twitter, issuing threats on social media, one can simply perceive that the world leadership is not in safe hands, anytime anything could happen and the reason has been revealed already.

Yasir Altaf Zargar is a web security analyst, he tweets as @zargaryasir.

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