Understanding Education

Education is not a commodity, which is to be put on sale. Education is not merchandise out of which profit is to be made. Education is not commerce, but commerce needs education.

True, education has roots in the soil of soul. Education is imparted to ascend the ladder of human values.


Knowledge through education is gained to illuminate the dark surroundings.

Human history unravels progress made by human beings in all walks of life, by riding colourful rainbow of education.

Almighty Allah disseminated divine information through His Angel, and the last Prophet (PBUH) was made reservoir of all types of knowledge, with duty to educate the human beings.

The divine scripture, which is treasure of all kinds of knowledge and wisdom, awakens virtues and slumbers vices. The flame of education burns bright when it is in the keeping of pure souls.

Education makes us learn that one has to be on the right side of truth. Education sharpens mental faculties which in turn hones human skills. Human skills scale the mountains of innovations.

Education and knowledge, like universe, keep on expanding. Education allows us to realise ordained goals. It teaches us to be fair and fearless; be good and merciful; above all be just in intent and action; be true and fair to life.

Socrates stated, “That nothing is to be preferred before justice”; and administration, thereof results by ceaselessly imbibing knowledge through the medium of education. It is education which enables us to know and understand, “Here and hereafter”. Dark evils disintegrate to the extent of disappearance when the virtue of light spreads its golden wings.

In our sojourn on planet earth we live on the beach of joy and under the shadow of pathos. In our voyage in the infinite universe of ideas and ideals our reasoning gets unshackled.

The worldly gain and loss is rendered meaningless in the ultimate scheme of universe. Forces of virtue defeat forces of evil by the power of education.

To attain education one must even tread difficult terrains. The urge to scale heights of knowledge takes one to dazzling heights. Education constructs human values within and without. It nourishes soul, from which sprout branches of truth, wisdom, and justice. Education shapes earth and illuminates skies. It promises providing of true satisfaction and higher attainments.

Education has potential to destroy destructive forces. It brings forth truth of all truths. Every leap forward to attain education is equivalent to Ibadah of higher value. Education, the fountainhead of all types of knowledge, shapes and chisels a true human being. Uneducated person can be described as one with soulless body and lightless eyes. Education brings in its fold truth of heart and value of mercy.

For seeking higher degree of knowledge, wisdom and values of truth, let our endeavor to continue till our breath ceases.

Justice Muzaffer Hussain Attar, a former High Court Judge, is presently heading a statutory body, Fee Fixation and Regulation Committee, Jammu and Kashmir as Chairperson)

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author.

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