Where is my phone!

Today is the age of social media. Whatever we do, wherever we go it is with us. Actually social media is like a breath to us and most of the people can’t imagine their life without it. when we wake up in the morning whether we are early risers or late risers, whether we are office going adults or school going kids or college going youngsters one thing is common in us; when we wake up we start looking up for our phones even our eyes are closed and once it is in our hands we visit our social networking sites be it a Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp etc. This is how our day starts.

According to a study done by IDC (International Data Corporation) 80% of all respondents reach their phone within first 15 minutes of waking and most of the people are interested in other people’s lives whether they are celebrity or some common man.


Even most of the people use social media just to show their possessions to the world. People nowadays use these platforms just to upload their photos, videos etc., to get few likes and comments. Some people even can’t digest the food they are having unless they post that on social media.

It has become a trend to post or upload everything they do or visit. It is like displaying your joys and happiness to the people, and people are now becoming more and more addictive to these things.

Research carried out by the Chicago Booth School of business already indicated five years ago that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media can be more addictive than tobacco and alcohol because, among other things, access to them is very simple and free.

According to many experts, the use of social media and other media that includes instant messaging services can lead to serious addictions and their associated consequences can lead to anxiety, depression, irritability, isolation, distancing oneself from the real world and from family relationships, loss of control etc.

As we see around us these things are very common, in every household we can see there is at least one person who has one of these things mentioned above.

There are some people who show tremendous dependence on social media; it may be good if you are a businessman, and use these sites for advertising.

But it has been seen that school going children play video games and make videos etc., and activities likes these are already classed as an illness by the world health organisation (WHO); an obsession with work, on and off line gaming, and excessive use of social media.

Over 3 billion people throughout the world use social media and experts believe that only a small percentage of those 3 billion exhibits a real dependence on social media.

Amongst the most widely recognised causes of addiction to social media are low self- esteem, personal dissatisfaction, depression and hyperactivity, and even lack of affection, etc.

It has been seen in youngsters when they upload some photo or video once they get few likes, comments and shares,  they feel so much satisfaction and happiness that feeling of satisfaction can be counterproductive by making them dependent, in the long term, on the opinions of others.

That could be the reason that today’s generation always wants to be in isolation, they like to spend their time on social media and with their peers. It’s alarming as this addiction is increasing day by day and we should do something for this at individual level.

The best thing is to spend quality time with your family and kids. Take them out, show them fields, mountains; play outdoor games, try to interact when you are sitting with your family. Try to limit the screen time. Taking few steps can bring a good change in their lives.

The author is a columnist and social activist

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