In Pictures: Education in wilderness

In the meadows of Tosa Maidan, a rhythmic and melodious voice of children reading poems and spellings reverberates in the mountains, but that voice suddenly and subtly turns frail when they are asked about the quality of their education.

Held for the six-months of summers when the nomadic community stays in the lush green, pasturage mountainous regions of the Valley, these seasonal classes are a hope for less privileged children.

Excited and joyful to learn new things, students say unavailability of new books and proper stationary often break their hearts while some of them are discouraged to carry on with their education.

While they respect their teachers during the six-months of the education, teachers say they are forced “to be in disgrace when for the remaining six-months they are forced to do hard labour, which gets worse when the employer is a parent of one of his students.”

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