650 kg ‘Zakhm-e-Hayat’, rare Himalayan herb worth Rs 5.5 lakh seized in Doda

A rare medicinal herb worth Rs 5.5 lakh was seized while itwas being smuggled from Doda district of Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday morning,a forest official said.

Acting on a specific input, sleuths of territorial forestdepartment launched an operation on interstate Bhadarwah-Chamba road,connecting Doda with neighbouring Himachal Pradesh, and recovered 650 kg ofZakhm-e-hayat (Bergenia ciliata) worth Rs 5.50 lakh, said an official.


He said the endangered herb was being illegally transportedto the Chamba town of Himachal Pradesh and was found dumped in thick bushes.

“We have been getting information regarding smuggling ofbanned herbs to the neighbouring states. Last night after receiving informationabout the consignment being smuggled to Chamba through interstate road, wemanaged to seize the huge consignment packed in 24 gunny bags hidden in thebushes at Bhaderwahi Goth on interstate border, about 51 km from here,”said DFO Bhadarwah, Chander Shekhar.

On June 30th, 500 kg of the same herb was seized from thesame area while it was being smuggled to Chamba town.

The rare herb is found in the altitude of 2,500 to 3,800meter in Himalayan region. Its root is believed to be used to treat kidneystones, crystalluria and renal failure, vertigo and headache, the officialsaid.

The plant, reportedly is in high demand in China and Nepaland also acts as astringent, tonic and has anti-inflammatory effect and isapplied as poultice for stiff joints, boils, abscesses and skin infections.

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