CEO seeks suggestions from public to amend JKCA’s constitution

In a first major step towards setting J&K Cricket Association (JKCA) in order and making it a body that truly can be termed as a public body, JKCA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has invited views from general public to amend the constitution of the association.   

JKCA CEO, Syed Ashique Bukhari has issued a public notice through which suggestions from general cricketers, cricket loving persons and general public have been invited to put forward their suggestions for the betterment of cricket.

“JKCA is proposing to amend the rules of JKCA framed in 1957, in terms of Division bench of High Court , J&K  directions vide  its order delivered on December, 6-2017. For this comments, suggestions are invited from public in general and cricket loving people in particular. In order to have a broad deliberation on amendment of rules,” a notice issued by JKCA CEO reads.

The notice asks interested persons to forward their suggestions, comments to JKCA office in Jammu and Srinagar or through email on:, within one month after publication of notice.

“It is first major step in order to set JKCA house in order as per Supreme Court guidelines. Through this order CEO has shown interests in involving everyone who is well versed with the cricket in State to be stakeholder and put their suggestions forward. In current JKCA set up only few elite rule the roost,” said a JKCA official.

The JKCA sources said that during the recent visit of J&K High Court appointed administrators to State, various delegations put forward amendment of JKCA constitution forward.

“Various delegations, persons aware with the cricket set up in the state made administrators aware about current loopholes in system. They were made aware that only 32 clubs that include seven government institutions are ruling JKCA. They were also made aware that these clubs represent only four districts of the State,” said a JKCA source.

Acting on the suggestions given by various persons Administrators gave their nod to CEO to get suggestions, views from cricketers, general public regarding constitutional amendment of JKCA constitution, sources said.

International cricketer of State, Parvez Rasool termed the move as “encouraging.”  

“It is best ever thing that will happen to JK cricket if it goes as per intended way. Currently not everyone in JKCA has got their representation. Only four districts  have got representation while others always get a  rough deal in club politics,” Parvez said.

“I appreciate this move and everyone from cricket lovers to cricketers should put their suggestions forward. JKCA constitution should be set up in similar pattern as that is in vogue in other states. The current set up doesn’t represent whole state and is body of a few people,” he said.

Former general secretary of JKCA Saleem Khan also welcomed the move. “We welcome this move and it had to happen once guidelines were put in place by Supreme Court after Lodha panel recommendations. This is good step and the constitutional amendment should take place as per Lodha panel and also as per JKCA constitution,” he said.

Former top level JK cricketer and JKCA gen secretary Abdur Rouf said that constitutional amendment can only take place once J&K High Court appointed Ombudsman solves dispute between clubs.

“Constitutional amendments can be passed only by JKCA general council. However, currently there is dispute running about the ownership of various JKCA clubs. For that High Court has appointed Ombudsman to resolve the dispute. Once that is resolved the general council meeting can be called upon and the amendments can be passed as per Lodha panel recommendations,” Rouf said.

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