ICC allows fans to print ticket at home after Trent Bridge fiasco

After the long queues outside the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground on Friday to enter the stadium for the West Indies-Pakistan game, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has now decided to make an exception and allow fans to print their tickets at home and walk into the ground with them to avoid another case of fans losing their cool as they wait to enter the stadium for a game.

Speaking to IANS, Claire Furlong, ICC General Manager,Strategic Communications, said that while the majority of the tickets hadalready been delivered, the ICC has taken a number of measures to ensure thatfans don’t feel concerned travelling to England and Wales for the showpieceevent.

“There are a number of measures we have taken, thisincludes allowing fans to print their ticket at home (they just need to logonto their account and do so) so they can come with them, and we have steppedup our processes in venue to improve collection. The majority of tickets havebeen delivered now, but we are well set at venue if any fans have not receivedthem,” she explained.While the official tickets printed come withholograms, Claire said security arrangements have been made to ensure thatthere is no duplication when it comes to fans printing tickets at home.”Once a ticket has been printed, it effectively is disabled so can’t beduplicated. There’s a whole security system behind it to prevent that(duplication),” she pointed.

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