Young powerlifter Farhaan inspires Kashmir’s fitness enthusiasts

Srinagar, Nov 20: In a remarkable journey of transformation, 22-year-old Farhaan Muneer, a resident of Khayam Srinagar, has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the world of powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Farhaan’s dedication and passion for fitness have not only sculpted his physique but have also earned him the distinction of being the youngest certified trainer in Kashmir, bestowed upon him by the Global Indian Fitness Federation.

What began as a pursuit for a well-built physique evolved into a serious commitment to the world of powerlifting for Farhaan. Reflecting on this transition, he shared, “It was a kind of coincidence with me. I would hit the gym just for a good physique, but then I started getting interested in bodybuilding.”

In 2022, Farhaan’s efforts were recognised as he received a certification from the Global Indian Fitness Federation.

Guided by unwavering determination, Farhaan has embraced a rigorous training regimen, spending nearly four hours daily in the gym, honing his skills in bench presses, heavy squats, and deadlifts.

With notable achievements under his belt, including a bench press of 150 Kgs, a deadlift of 250 Kgs, and a squat of 220 Kgs, Farhaan now sets his sights on international powerlifting events.

“I am currently preparing for various powerlifting championships. My goal is to bag titles in international powerlifting events. I am being prepared by the experts in the field,” he asserted.

Beyond personal accolades, Farhaan has become an inspiration for aspiring athletes in Kashmir.

While training fitness enthusiasts, he is also actively involved in preparing youth for powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions at the state level in India.

Farhaan’s mission extends beyond the gym, as he emphasises the importance of a healthy lifestyle by urging individuals to give up smoking and other drug abuses for their bodies to respond effectively to diet and fitness regimes.

Farhaan Muneer stands as a testament to the potential of local talent in the realm of powerlifting, bringing pride to Kashmir and motivating the youth to pursue their dreams in the world of sports.

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