Aerial surveillance in public areas only, privacy being ensured: Srinagar Police

Srinagar, Sept 26: Police on Monday made it clear that its aerial surveillance teams are keeping “vigilant watch” in “public areas” only so as to ensure privacy.

The police also rejected criticism over circulating of picture of a group of students by it, claiming that law enforcing agency was aware about its “responsibility” and that they were not “identifiable” as their faces were hidden. 

“Our Aerial Surveillance teams are keeping vigilant watch looking for criminals, absconders etc. using high resolution cameras. This clip (showing in tweet) is from a public space in downtown,” police said in a tweet. “The surveillance is in public areas only, so as to ensure privacy.” 

Regarding the circulating of a picture in which a group of students is seen roaming on streets of Qamarwari during schools hours, police sought to defend two concerns raised by few netizens.  

“Moral Policing: Most criminals are drug addicts, most drug addicts start in school bunking phase,” the police said in a separate tweet.

Regarding concerns over identity, police claimed that “no student is identifiable as they have hid their faces, names nowhere. We are well aware of our responsibilities.”

Earlier Police said that these students were found roaming on streets in Qamarwari area during school timings. “Parents are requested to keep watch on school going children. Further, school authorities may also inform parents in case any student is found absent without leave or prior intimation”

Many students have been noticed roaming in parks, roads in school timings recently. 

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