Old City neglected by non-NC parties: Tanvir Sadiq

Jammu and Kashmir National Conference leader and political advisor to party’s vice president Tanvir Sadiq on Monday said the “successive governments after 2015 failed to give direction to Srinagar city’s development.”

Addressing workers and party functionaries at Zadibalconstituency Tanvir said, “Srinagar has traditionally suffered whenever NC wasout of power.” “The old city of Srinagar has traditionally been neglected bynon-NC parties. Since 2015, nothing substantial was done to mitigate theproblems of people living in the old city. The historical edifices ofShahar-e-Khaas are in shambles, the multitier health facilities in the cityhaven’t received any productive intervention from the government. The artisansand the marginal traders of the old city have been left to fend for themselves.The people are hankering for drinking water and other civic amenities,”


“The successive government failed to provide safe spaces tothe unemployed youth of the Shahar-e-Khaas to pursue their vocations. Thealleys and the main arterials are battered. Government is unfamiliar with theproblems being faced by the people. The miserable condition of the peopleliving in the Shahar-e-Khaas areas deflates the hyperbolical claims of thegovernor administration on developing Srinagar.”

Underscoring the need of restoring Srinagar’s lost glory hesaid, “the city of Srinagar is the face of the valley.” “There is an urgentneed of having a well-thought plan for the city. The plan must espouseinvesting heavily on affordable housing, providing green spaces, enhancingmultitier health facilities, creating job opportunities for the youth, anddoling out incentives for people involved with handcrafts sector. It is the NCthat is capable of working in this direction.”

On the occasion, party statement said various politicalworkers, functionaries belonging to PC and PDP from Sheikh Colony, SangeenDarwaza Hawal joined NC. “Tanvir welcomed the new entrants into the party foldwith a hope that they will make the party stronger on grassroots.”

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